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5 Ways to Enhance Your Holistic Lifestyle

At Cobb OB/GYN we strive to offer holistic and conservative solutions to women’s health. Our holistic approach is about supporting your individual desires and goals, while taking into account your wellbeing from an all-inclusive perspective.

Practicing a holistic lifestyle means moving away from temporary solutions and understanding that sustainable, whole body wellness is more important and in the long-run, much more effective.

There are many aspects to following this way of living, so today we want to discuss 5 ways to enhance your holistic lifestyle:

1. Nourish your body.

One of the first steps in fully embracing a holistic way of living is paying attention to how you are eating. While some believe they need to go to extremes, omitting certain food groups to stay healthy, this isn’t the case. The goal is to include an abundance of plant-based foods to your daily diet, focusing on enjoying plenty of fresh veggies, leafy greens and fruits on a regular basis. This approach is a reliable way to feel great and support weight loss efforts. Additionally, you will naturally crowd out unhealthy fare with better-for-you options without feeling like certain foods are forbidden, which is a win-win when it comes to sticking to clean diet.

For those busy with little ones, making a daily smoothie is a time-saving way to get yourself and your family to enjoy more fresh produce. The key here is to avoid a sugar overload by limiting each smoothie to just one or two servings of fruit, with as many veggies as you like. Try blending a banana with frozen blueberries, a handful of spinach, a little bit of avocado and coconut water. Voila! A tasty treat that everyone will love.

2. Find enjoyable exercise.

Our bodies are meant to move daily. This is crucial for cardiovascular health, and even for stabilizing mood. One thing to keep in mind when embarking on an exercise routine is that it should be enjoyable. Working out in ways that don’t feel good can make it difficult to stick to a consistent routine. Plus, it also perpetuates a negative association with staying active, which can be harmful in the long run since it may lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. So, choose activities you love and do them regularly. Yoga can be a wonderful and gentle way to stay active. We offer various yoga classes for new moms and expectant moms! Take a look at our schedule here.

3. It’s okay to accept help.

Feeling our best is empowering. It motivates us to make great decisions for our health, like choosing fruit over processed sweets. However, sometimes unwanted fat in certain areas can make us feel like our efforts are all for naught. Rigorous eating and fitness plans can often fall short of supplying the results we need. Plus, extreme measures can be taxing on our body long-term. This is where non-invasive treatments like SculpSure come in.

This laser-based technology helps reduce fat without surgery. It’s a great tool for anyone, male or female, struggling with unwanted fat in their midsection, back, flanks or thighs. It’s especially wonderful for new moms who want to get back into shape after having a baby. Additionally, since SculpSure treatments require no downtime, they can also easily fit into a busy day. If you’re interested in learning more about how SculpSure can help you achieve natural-looking fat reduction results, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cobb today.

4. Be kind to yourself.

If you’re eating right, exercising, and being mindful of the products you’re using at home, it can be easy to forget that what we say to ourselves matters, too. Practicing a holistic lifestyle means looking at everything in your life as a whole, cultivating habits that make you feel strong and balanced. This includes examining the silent things you say to yourself and reframing them in a kinder, more positive way. Ultimately, even the self-deprecating thoughts we have can zap energy and contribute to a sense of unease. Instead, try treating yourself the same way you would treat a close friend. This means being compassionate, understanding and forgiving, even when you have a bad day or make a mistake.

5. Get green at home.

Often overlooked, the use of harsh cleaning products at home can be harmful to wellness. This is especially important if you have small children and pets at home since breathing in fumes from chemical-laden products can be dangerous. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies now making more natural cleaning products you can feel confident about using at home around your family. You can generally find fume-free cleaners, baby-friendly laundry detergent and other unscented products at most stores.

Ask us how we can help you achieve your wellness goals and learn more about laser body sculpting.

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